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Hell's Kitchen / So who restarted this?
« on: July 29, 2020, 01:32:52 pm »
This looks like it's been up for a few years and yet it has only managed 10 members.

It's a perfect simile for how the world has turned it's back on GOD. With the only difference being that in this scenario the almighty is a 39 year old obese introvert with backne that has been sheltering in place in the Naruto bed sheet walled "man cave" next to the washer & dryer in his mom's basement since February, surviving off only doordash Chipotle, Doritos/mountain dew smoothies and pissing in a bottle. All because his alter boy PTSD has him curling into a fetal position every time he squeezes the cream out of a twinkie too fast anymore and the fat around his lungs doesn't afford him the luxury of being able to breath through a simple cloth face mask if he had actually chosen to make the 50 pace trek to the reinforced wheelchair lift on the side of the family Dodge Caravan .

Yet ironically his disability check affords him the luxury of securing a domain name, wifi, and his yearly league of legends membership.

Don't be just another failed movie reboot. Either focus on growing the brand and do it justice or let the shit die.

Yours Truly,


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