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Social-Strychnine / The (New) Vision For This Site
« on: January 23, 2021, 09:08:53 am »
Here's my ideas for this site:
I think it should be a smaller-scale site for the "sport" of flaming.
All of the other sites have fizzled out, and Brawl-Hall is a sellout to porn.

My thought(s):
Have smaller contests, maybe weekly, for smaller prizes, like a $1 grudge match, and a $5 weekly tournament (maybe 2 or three, regular and tag-team, or whatever), but just make it more manageable and likely to be paid out.  Maybe have a monthly "free for all" where everyone puts in $1 or two and winner takes all (and ALL paid out via PayPal; I have the account made for this).

In a nutshell, for this site to work, we need to do 3 things (after getting users back):
1) Actually fucking MANAGE IT properly
2) Actually fucking ORGANIZE events
3) Actually fucking PAY OUT THE WINNERS
(Lesser amounts, and less Chiefs cock-dancing around the flames, make it easier)

Side note:
I would also like to see a voting system with people other than "crew" or "staff" as the ones that decide the outcomes of matches.

This is my aim for this site as I try and move it forward (if we can, in fact, move it forward).

Hell's Kitchen / Basic Rules
« on: April 19, 2018, 11:04:01 am »
  • No (IN)REAL LIFE (IRL) INFORMATION is to be used here (if not "common knowledge")
  • No (IN)REAL LIFE (IRL) confrontation(s)
  • We are NOT responsible for HK content, damages, or any other liabilities due to your fucktardery

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